April in Review

Hey, wow I can't believe April is over and it's May now! That came so fast, and wow I actually did a lot this past month, so I thought it would be a nice time to kind of just review this month and chat a bit!

So this month I got to swatch for an AMAZING Indie brand of polish from the Sunshine State, Takko Lacquer! When I swatches those I turned them into a little posting series which I had a lot of fun doing! Plus oh my goodness the polishes are amazing. Seriously in love with them! Here is a group picture of all my swatches!

I love every single one! If you ever get a chance to snag a Takko Lacquer I highly advise you to do it! You will be majorly happy!

After working with Takko Lacquer I got some fun art in, and some reviews done for the Born Pretty Store! I actually like 11 different "art" manis this month but for my group pic for this post I only included my top 9!

Lots of fun art, and stuff that I actually liked! It was a good month in the art department! I think my favorite is the middle mani. When I did it I had no real plans so the fact it turned out so well is amazing! Also the others that are close behind that one would be the beach one and the flowers with the gold accent nail! Both of those used some of my favorite techniques that are also super fun to do!

On top of that this month I also got to collaborate with some of my amazing IG friends! 

Lastly I want to share this... 

Last weekend I found my self in Nail It! Magazine 3 times!!! That is just mind blowing and I still can't believe it! It's just WOW!! 

April has for sure been a great nail month, and I want to thank all of my readers for reading, liking, commenting, and following me! I really do appreciate every read, like and follow. To know people are seeing my nails and enjoy seeing them is just amazing. Also I have been so lucky to make so many great nail friends and I just love the nail art world! So thank you all so much!!

Happy May!

~25 Sweetpea


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