Zoya Swatch & Review

Happy Saturday! Today I have a swatch of a polish I have been wanting FOREVER that I finally got my hands on last weekend! So happy to have Tiana by Zoya in my life. It's beautiful!

This is 2 thin coats of Tiana. It was a super easy 2 coats too. The formula was a bit more watery compared to most of my Zoyas but still easy to work with! Also it self leveled really well!

Sometimes you get so excited about a certain polish and then you get it and you are dissapointed. I am so happy to report to you that, in this case that was not the case! ;)

This color is the perfect minty color and I simply love it! I haven't really compared it to Sally Hansens Mint Sorbet but I feel like they may be a bit similar although I don't care for the formula on Mint Sorbet so for me Tiana wins. I can compare if you all would like me too?

So what do you all think of this beauty from the new Zoya Delight collection?!

Happy Painting!

~25 Sweetpea


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