Back to the Basics : Part 3

Hey there everyone! Guess what? I'm finally back on this Monday with another Back to the Basics installment! I'm really sorry there haven't been any for the past few weeks but time got away from me and I just ran out of time while trying to do some other blog things! ;) That all being said lists get started with a new installment about some basic nail art tools!

All types of tools are important to have on hand when trying to do nail art so I have a few of the most important ones to show you.

First off nail dotters!  These are very important, and can be used for things other than just dots. The great thing about these is that since it has a different size on each end, with only 4 physical tools you are actually getting 8 different sizes of dots. I actually just realized one is missing from the picture! There are 5 in the set which means 10 sizes. Really good deal! These can be used for dots, filling in a shape, cheetah print and a lot more! This set can be purchased on many different Nail art sites. The price can vary so it's good to look around and compare with a few different sites, and check shipping prices too. Don't forget to check Amazon too! They have these, and I believe when I got them off there the shipping was free for this item. So like I said look around and compare some sites change daily.

Next up a thing I don't know what to call! ;D

I love this tool, but I really don't know what to call it! It had many uses, so I don't have any clue. It came in a package of studs and some polish last year that I received from Sally Hansens. I use this tool to place studs, rhinestones, and do glitter placements. Also I use it to place the "3D" items like the star fish, and seashell, oh and the little turtles/anchors. So as you can see it's really useful! You can find it at any place that sells Sally Hansen, in a 3 pack of studs.

Now... makeup sponge!!

The wedge makeup sponge is a must for anyone who loves gradations! They are perfect for gradations and they work wonderful! Before I knew what I was doing, I tried using a round makeup sponge and it's just not the same. You need a wedge sponge! You can find these pretty much anywhere in a big bag and inexpensive. I have had the same bag for probably a year now! You get many uses out of one single sponge too! Typically you can get 4 uses out of one, sometimes even 5 uses. So these are a must to have!

Finally for today's post I have my favorite brush. I think we all know the size of your brush can really make or break the size of the art you can do. I have gone through many brushes to find a favorite and everyone has their favorite! 

This one just happens to be mine at the moment! This is a 20/0 liner Espresso brush. This isn't a "nail art brush" from a special store. This brush can be found at Hobby Lobby in the paint brush section. I personally love this brush! I even have a back up on hand right now! It's great do detailing and it's a great size with a nice line. I don't use it in nail polish I only use it with acrylic paint which is what I use for most of my detailed art. :)

Well that's all for my favorite basic tools! Hope you all liked this post maybe even learned something! ;) If you have any questions or comments let me know and I will get back with you asap!! :)

Happy Painting!

~25 Sweetpea


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