Zoya Island Fun: Isa

Hello! So before I do more patriotic nail art I have a swatch and review. :) Today I am sharing Zoyas new "blurple" polish named Isa it's really pretty in my opinion.

This is one coat of Isa and oh my! I love this! It's formula was wonderful and easy to work with. The color is unlike anything I have which is always a good thing! ;)

In the bottle the polish appears purple but on, you for sure see all the blue that comes out. So fun to look at in the bright light. 

I would really consider this a "Blurple" polish. Which I'm loving! Even tho you think "Oh this a dark color for a summer line" but on it really isn't. It's really bright and bold which makes me love it even more.

So I knew I wanted to add some art, but I didn't have any really good ideas so I visited Wondrously Polished's blog for some inspiration! Her work is always perfect and I just love every thing on her blog, it's wonderful! I ended up recreating a look she had done in much lighter colors.

They were actually a lot of fun to do! I mixed alot of different colors to get a neat look to bring out all of the colors of the polish.

I really like these, they are fun to wear and not your typical summer look but I think it's a nice color to throw into your summer rotation of brights! :) What do you all think of Isa? Let me know!

Happy Painting!

~25 Sweetpea


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