BPS Review : Colorful Rhinestones

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Hello! Today for y'all I have a fun review of some colorful Rhinestones from the Born Pretty Store, and a Bestie Twin nails all in one! Pretty fun I think!

The whole idea of these nails were put together by Nail_art_inspirer ( Instagramer ) and I. We had a lot of fun coming up with a fun pool theme! It is summer after all! :) 

The Rhinestones I used for this look came in a multicolored mix. 

For this look I picked out some of the cobalt blue ones and applies them right after putting on top coat! They were super easy to put on! The hardest part was just fishing out the color I wanted and not flipping them all over the place!;) Hahaha!! I really like these! I think I will have to use some of the other colors in this mix for flower centers! Think they would be perfect for that! :)

Polishes wise I used Flower Go with the Flow-er and Sinful Colors Snow Me White. All of the details were done with acrylic paint! I even used some for the Saran Wrap nails too! I didn't have the right shade of blue polish, so I just used an acrylic blue! :)

So as I mentioned earlier this is also a Bestie Twin nails with my IG nail friend Nail_art_inspirer! So here is out collab photo!!

The pool water pic is real too!;) I took it at the pool last week. These were so much fun actually! The ball was really hard but I think in the end I like it! :) Hers look great!!
If you are following her on IG I suggest popping over and visiting her page! HERE is a link. :) 

Now if you are interested in these rhinestones you can find them HERE. Also BPS recently put out an app that you can use to order and they put up special deals on there. One really neat thing about BPS is that they always have free shipping AND for my readers/followers you can use 25SPW10 for 10% off your purchase. So if you are interested in the rhinestones be sure and check all of that out! :)

Well I hope you all liked these summer inspired nails! :)

Happy Painting!
~25 Sweetpeas


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