Takko Lacquer Summer 2015 Swatches & Reviews : Part 1

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Hello! Today I am so excited to start sharing the new Takko Lacquer Summer line with you all! I have decided since it releases on June 18th at 8 PM I am going to share at least one a day to help you all decide on which ones to get! Trust me it's going to hard to decide! They are STUNNING!!

First off if you have never heard of Takko Lacquer here is a little bit about them! 

Takko Lacquer is a American based polish, on the side it says "Born in America" which I think is just fun! :) To be even more specific it is a Florida based polish! The polish is 5-Free, 100% Cruelty free, mineral based and is now infused with plant derived Vitamin E. Over all it is a wonderfully healthy polish!

First up I will be sharing Birthday Suit with you! 

Birthday Suit - a light nude taupe with gold shimmer and a hint of holo.

This polish is lovely! It's a wonderful nude and those can be difficult to find! This was even a one coater, which is fantastic!  While wearing it indoors you can't see the holo at all really but once you step outside into the sunlight it will appear and  it's so much fun! It reminds me a lot of my favorite nude I use for art backgrounds but with some sparkle so I am a big fan of this one!

Now I also did just some quick art on them before I went out the other day. I needed something quick and simple yet nice looking so I did some side cheetah print!

Super easy and this is the perfect background in my opinion! 

For the art I used acrylic paint and dotters. 

Ok, so I wasn't going to include this photo since my pose is all wonky but I love how you can see the holo in the bottle! Oh and you get to see the bottle! Takko Lacquer has some of the cutest labels ever! I love them! Overall for this first polish of the summer line I am super impressed and I love everything about it!

What did you all think of this lovely polish? It will be released at 8 PM on June 18th with the rest of the lovely summer line! Stay tuned for more! ;)
Be sure to keep up to date on all things Takko Lacquer....

Happy Painting!

~25 Sweetpeas


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