Infinite Ombré Review : Rainbow

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Hello! Todays post is super fun and resembles a rainbow! I recently received the Formula X Infinite Ombré set from Sephora as part of the PreenMeVip program, and now have review number 2 for you all!

Here is another glimpse into something you can do with this Formula X set! In the last post I didn't talk much about the formula at all, it was mainly about how much I like it and what all the set came with! 

Ok so in previous post I showed you that the set comes with a full size bottle of the Platinum Prime Base Coat. On alone it is a really pretty silver polish! I think I may try using it solo some time too! It's got a lot of sparkle! But for the purpose of this set you are supposed to apply it first and let dry. I feel like it had a real quick dry time!

Next up you have your choice of what minis to use, and they are: Boundless Berry, Infinite Indigo, Timeless Teal, and Limitless Lemon. For this look I used ALL of them! :) I applied them to a sponge and did it just like a gradation. Now these little mini, I don't think they could really be used alone but they are perfect for this set. They slightly remind me of a jelly polish, but yet still a little different. They are something new to me for sure!

Now as I said a few lines back for this look I sponges them on! You can also achieve it my just using the brush and painting it on this way. With that way you will have a more definite line, that's why I used a sponge, but what ever works for you is good!

So over all again this package is just so much fun! There are still so many different ways to try, the possibilities really seem endless! What do you all think of this rainbow?

Happy Painting!

~25 Sweetpea

This set can be found on Sephoras website HERE.


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