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Hello! Tonight's post is super fun and unlike anything I have used before! I recently received Formula X Infinite Ombré set from Sephora as part of the PreenMeVip program, and now have a review for you all!

First off here are my first nails that I created with the set!

I am seriously LOVING this look! So with this set you get a silver base and 4 minis to use to add on top for all different looks. The packaging has some how to's and some inspiration. So let's take a quick look.

Instead of doing one of the ones they show right off the bat I decided to use a sponge and do a gradation! For mine I used Timeless Teal, and Infinite Indigo on top of the silver base which is called the Platinum Prime Base Coat. I did however still use my favorite base coat as always!

The two I used are on the right to the silver! I still plan of playing with the others and sharing as well! :)

In the past I haven't EVER used anything like this! It's SO unique! I absolutely love how they mix so well and have a stained glass look, and as my friend mentioned these colors make us think of a peacock! Overall I just find this so cool and unique. I have never been one to get all excited about X Formula because from what I have known there was nothing real unique but now I will have to say I'm a fan! I hope the continue to put out new things like they did here! It's so neat!
If you are interested in picking this up to play with, you can find it HERE on Sephoras site. I am not sure if it is in store yet but I may look if I go this weekend! :)

Now to hear what you all think!? I feel like this polish is so neat we could have a super fun convo about it! Has anyone else used it yet! On the Sephora site I have seen some mixed reviews so it would be neat to see what you all think! :)

Happy Painting!

~25 Sweetpea


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