Envy Lacquer Rock Candy Collection : Swatch & Review 3

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Hello there everyone! Hope you are having a nice day. :) Today for you I have the last search for the final polish in the Envy Lacquer Rock Candy Collection Neutral Trio. It's no longer on presale but will be on sale on August 1st!

Meet Licorice Whip. A love black glitter. Shown in picture is 2 coats . I tend to do them a little thicker so depending on how thick you do yours you may need 2-3 coats. :) I love this color!! To me it reminds me of a galaxy, so it's kind of like a galaxy in a bottle! :D That being said this polish is so fun. The glitter is very evenly spaced and comes out evenly effortlessly. 

Anyone familiar with Zoya Imogen? Soon as k put this on it reminded me a bit of it. Although this is a smaller glitter which I really like, plus it's smooth no texture! ;) Oh, and this one won't take half an hour to take off, haha!!! Although even if it did, it would be worth it just like Imogen is worth it.

Isn't this just super fun to look at! So I painted this on last night and edited the pictures, but this morning I was hoping to see it in the Florida Sunshine but nooo, it's cloudy. Not a speck of sunshine!:( I'm sad!

Along with this swatch I did a fun tribal accent nail, that does have a tutorial! 

Simple and fun! I loved doing it!! I know that sounds weird, but I love doing small detail. All of my lines are a bit wonky due to the stange way I held my hand to film but I still like it! What do you all think? Check out the tutorial below! :)

So what do you all think of this new Envy Lacquer, and the art? Well that is all for this post! This polish along with the ones in my last two posts will go on sale August 1st! You can keep up with all things Envy Lacquer here....
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Hope you enjoyed this post! :)
Happy Painting!
~25 Sweetpea


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