Takko Lacquer CosmoProf Color 2015 Take 2!

Press Sample

Hello, happy Monday! I mentioned yesterday that I wanted to try Takko Lacquers Kitsch on top of pink so today I am going to show it to you on Zoya Kitridge! I love the combinations! To quote my mum, it's "A party on your nails!". Really though it is! It's so pretty!

This time I only did one thickish coat of Kitsch and it's gorgeous!! The holo doesn't show as much in the photo but in person it shows and it's gorgeous! I will try my best for a video of the sun is out!

There is just so much variety to this topper! I love it! It's perfect on top of Kitridge!! I love this combo!

Here you can see a bit more of the holo! Ahh, I'm just so in love with this! 

Overall I think I like it much better on this pink! Not really sure why I put it on grey first! I guess because in the bottle you don't really notice the holo is in it you just see the grey tinge so I guess I went with it! Now I know to use it on pink, and now so do you!
If you are interested in this new Takkito it will be coming out July 28th at 8pm ET along with the restock of the full summer line!

In the mean time be sure to keep up to date on all things Takko Lacquer....

Happy Painting!

~25 Sweetpea


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