Mermaid Tails

Hello! So last night I got brave and tried my first ever nail vinyl that I ordered from Whats Up Nails! So nerve wrecking, and I will be honest last night after I did them I seriously thought nail fail! This morning when I woke up and I am liking them a lot! I have seen much better and I need a lot of practice! Will try again soon, and see. Until then I will show you my first attempt.

Now I used what seems like a lot of polishes for this! So I will start with the black and the silver! The black is Zoya Willa, the silver is SpaRitual Charleston!

Now for the mermaid nail! Ok they are all Zoya and they are... Muse, Dillon, Giavanna, and Mosheen

The cute seashell is from the Born Pretty Store! I reviewed it awhile back! If you want to see the review of them check it out HERE.

I love all of these colors together for sure! I just wish it had turned out better! I have since heard some tips so I will try it with these new little bits of info! I would really love to do it on all of my nails but I don't know! Sounds scary. :)

So even though last night I felt terrible about them, this morning I am liking them a lot more. Not in love with them but they aren't too bad I guess!

Now what do you all think!? Oh and what type of art do you want to see! I have some polishes that I want to swatch but would also like to do some fun art this week, so let me know what you want to see. ;)

Happy Painting!

~25 Sweetpea


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