Zoya Naked Manicure Update & more...

Hello! So I am here with an update! So I ended up having the Zoya Naked Manicure on for 4 days due to the fact I was playing the the pool and it didn't weather to well. My toes had to be redone too! Anywhoooo, I now have a picture of what my nails looked like when I took it off. Some of you may of already seen this but maybe not. ;)

So here is what they looked like before I used the Naked Treatment, and then after I had removed the treatment! I am really impressed that this did help in the long term form. I know many were wondering if it actually did help your nails in the long run and I think I can say yes now. I really do think I can see a difference. I personally feel like this is a great treatment system for anyone. Maybe you just like the natural look and want healthy nails, maybe you just want a French look, maybe your nails grow funny, or you just need a nail fixer up but I really think this is good for all of those things. I think for bloggers who do nails a lot and are constantly redoing nails because they like to should use this maybe once a month. Just so we can keep our nails in the best shape we can! :)

Not only have I now done this on myself but I have done it to two other people. So I have some before pics and some pics with the treatment on! I really look forward to seeing what they look like when we remove the polish!

These nails looked nice before in my opinion, but the after picture just looks like a nice clean French manicure. Which is a great clean and classy look. Plus it will always go with everything if you are one who likes to match! ;)

I actually have exact quote from this user, that says a lot so I will share!:)

"I think this is my favorite "polish" or "manicure" ever!! The matte finish actually  feels like my nails were just buffed and they shine yet there isn't a build up of 3 to 4 layers of a "polish"!! They named this product accurately-- it feels like a naked manicure! I am thrilled with this manicure!"

After reading that from her and then my experience and my mums I think this product is really loved all around!

Looking forward to seeing everyone's nails after the Naked Manicure now!!

Happy Painting!

~25 Sweetpeas 


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