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Hey there guys! Hope you are having a lovely day! I feel like this week is going by way too quickly! Today for you I have another review. Today's is on some cute floral nail wraps from the Born Pretty Store that can be found HERE. I will be honest, I'm not a nail wrap girl. Using then in a pinch when you are out of town on a trip is a great use for them, but other than that I would rather just do them 100% myself. That's just me, but I saw some really cute ones in the BPS store and thought hey why not try them! So now let's take a look at them.

Beautiful design but I'm very disappointed with these. First off the most noticeable would be my ring finger. The flower bled and looks horrible. Such a bummer too, it would of been so pretty. Well sadly that's not the only thing wrong with them. So when I picked out these out it said water decal, which I thought was interesting, so I went with it. When it showed up here however the directions on the packaging of it had the wrong directions! It was saying it was a peel off sticker. Which I went ahead and tried but that did not work. After that failing I went and double checked that I was remembering the water decal thing correctly, which I had been. Now putting them on wasn't a biggie but it didn't work all that well. It would wrinkle when I was holding down so it could attach to my full nail.

I feel like the only one that came out ok was my pinkie finger. It's a gorgeous design but that's it. Also another thing I noticed was they smelled like rubber, even when they had been on for a bit. I could not take the smell so I had to take it off.

Here you can really see what happened on the ring finger.

Overall I was not happy with this product. To many cons even if the design is gorgeous. I'm so sorry for such a negative post, but I'm always 100% honest when reviewing something. Honesty is so very important, and I would expect the same thing from any other blog I was reading.
Well hope you all learned something new in todays review! :)
Happy Painting!
~25 Sweetpeas


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