Funky Retro Waves

Hello! So took a mini break yesterday! I was loving the new tribal floral mani to much to take if off, so I didn't have anything new! So today I finally have something new, I got a fun polish from Urban Outfitters for my birthday called Calabunga so last night I tried it out! :)

So this is about 3 coats. It's a fun crellie, and the name is fun too! :) I love the variation of shapes and colors, it's unique.

It's like big mixed confetti in polish. So I also added some art. It kind of failed majorly, but I think the major reason it did so was the bumpiness of the glitter getting the "art" all bumpy and moved my brush in weird spots. Made it very tricky to do the art!

The idea in my head looked good but on not so much! :-/ SO.... Maybe I will try it again with a non bumpy polish! ;-) 

That all being said, what do you all think? I'm not sure yet! I do like this polish tho! It's fun!!

Happy Painting! 

~25 Sweetpea


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