Minty Floral & Gradation

Hello, happy weekend! Hope you all had a lovely week, and are having an even better weekend! I am happy to say it is sunny here, blue sky and big white puffy clouds too! It's very lovely this morning!:)

Today for you all I just have a fun little floral I did last night after trying another design and failing very badly! Floral seemed like a good fall back design. Also I made a gradation tutorial! It's for sure not that great, but I am thinking gradations are just the hardest things to film. On the other side of that though... I am trying out a new set up for filming, and I am hoping it will allow me to film more of my more detailed designs! So that's exciting. :-)

I really love this minty color if you can't tell already! I've only had it for like 2 weeks and I've already used it a ton! ;D For those of you who don't know... I recently tried Urban Outfitters polish for the first time and fell in love with them! For this mani the minty color is theirs, and is called Flip Flop. The white is also by them and is called Optic White. I just really love their polish!

The silver glitter is my personal favorite glitter, which is SpaRitual Charleston. I got it at a TJ Maxx last year and it is my first SpaRitual and I love it! For a glitter it comes off wonderfully! It's my go to full coverage glitter because I know it won't be a pain to take off! :D haha!

Now on top of the gradation I do have China Glaze Fairy Dust even though you can't really tell! I honesty do believe it is the key to a good looking gradation! ;) Now here is the tutorial for the gradation!

Well I hope you all enjoyed this post! I know I am enjoy these nails on! :) Still taking requests! I am loving doing more florals these days! :) Let me know what you think of these! :)
Happy Painting!
~ 25 Sweetpeas


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