Mani Swap Time

Hello, hope you are having a lovely day! Today for you guys I have a mani swap! I'm pretty excited about these actually! I used a matte top coat for the first time! I'm not a matte girl but I do like it for certain designs. So I did this mani swap with LiveOnLacquer via Instagram, and her original design was matte so I went with it!:)

Here they are! ;) I love this girly nautical vibe! For this look I used Orly SnowCone and China Glaze Thistle Do Nicely, then I mattified it with Urban Outfitters Matte. All of the details were done with acrylic paints, and my favorite brush and some dotters!:) 

Here is a more close up look! Also I actually have tutorials for each of these! Check them out below!

The Boat Wheel
The Anchor
Super fun mani in opinion! :) I am liking them a lot, and actually liking the matte as well! So what do you all think of these nails!? Our collaboration photo will be up on IG this evening so be sure to check it out! Hope you all enjoyed this post.
Happy Painting!
~25 Sweetpeas


  1. This was your first time using a matte topcoat? xD Oh jeez! The nauticul looks great! I just did a matte design too that's popping up on my blog in an hour and I totally agree -- generally a shiny girl, but kawaii designs I love to be mattified. ;) So we'll see how it goes! I can't wait to see the side-by-side swap post!

    1. Yes first time! Crazy right? Especially considering how often I paint! Haha!! Thanks, I really ended up liking these a lot, and I liked the matte too! ;)


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