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Hello, happy Friday! Hope you all have had a lovely week! Today for you guys I have music inspired nails, and 2 tutorials! I am really loving the fact I am now capable of filming them. For one it's fun, and for two I know I love watching other people's so... It's just great! :) Today's nails were half inspired by the talented NailStorming, and music in general! To me music inspires me for like everything I do,and today's nails actually have a music theme, not just a song or musician inspired, so let's look at them. ;)

They are just a really fun black and white mani! :) The piano part was inspired by NailStorming and some nails she did earlier this week, and the others were just something I came up with. 

For this look I used Zoya - Willa as my black. Urban Outfitters - Optic White as my white and then their matte top coat! I know this is crazy a matte mani from me two days in a row! This is craziness! I really liked it for this look though, for some reason it just seemed fitting. Oh and the glitter I used doesn't have a name, it was a polish I got with my nail drier years ago, that had no labeling at all.

Now time for the tutorials!

Piano Key Tutorial
Music Note Tutorial
So what do you all think!? I think they are really fun to do and have a nice appearance too! :) Well that's all for todays post I hope you enjoyed it! :)
Happy Painting!
~25 Sweetpeas


  1. I love the white musical notes on the black base! Usually you see the opposite so yours is a super fun change!

    1. Thank you! I thought it would be fun, and I hadn't seen it done either, so I am glad you liked it girly! :)


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