Palm Tree Happy

Hello! Happy Monday?! I know that's probably not a thing, but today was fun! Explored a bit, hence the delayed arrival of this post! ;) Today I have some fun Florida like nails inspired by Nailsby_Ana via Instagram! Ahh, don't you just love Instagram?! So much inspiration on there! I just love it. ;)

I started this look with a gradation that I feel turned out pretty well! I used 3 of my Urban Outfitters polishes: Optic White, Flip Flop,& Love Letter. One this I have noticed about UO polishes is they work wonderfully for gradations! 

It's such a great summery gradation, so enjoying it!:) I bet you can already guess what I topped it with considering the title of this post, but if not its Palm Trees!!! I love Palm trees. One of my favorite things about living in Florida would have to be seeing Palm trees everywhere. They are just so fun, and every tree is different! I just love it!!

They just make me so happy! These aren't my typical Palm trees that I do so it was nice to try something new, and I love them! :)

Nailsby_ana is the one who I based these off of, but I added the birds to add sown thing to make them a bit different!

One last picure! I really don't want to take them off, I really like them! What do you all think of these? If you are interested I also posted a tutorial on YouTube which you can check out below! :)
Let me know what you all think of these! :) Hope you enjoyed the post!
Happy Painting,
~25 Sweetpeas


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