Mermaid Scales

Hey there, everyone! So today I have another attempt at mermaid nails. Only this time, I am really happy with them! They actually came out like I had hoped, and I didn't have to purposely place anything in a certain area. ;)

So for this look I used What's Up Nails mermaid scale vinyls and it worked perfectly for once! Now for this look I used what seemed to be a lot of polish! So going to list it below!

Zoya - Willa 
SpaRitual- Charleston
Sinful Colors - Palm Breezy
Sinful Colors - Ice Blue
Sinful Colors - Purple Diamond
Essence - Party Crasher

My index and pinkie fingers have 2 of the Singul Colors layered, and then the Essence  on top!

I really love how these turned out! What do you all think? I know today's post is a bit short, sorry about that! Also any nail art requests? Kinda at a lull in ideas for some reason!

Happy Painting!

~25 Sweetpeas 


  1. These mermaid scales are very pretty! I love the colors you chose. :) Maybe try some galaxy or tribal nails! Or even better yet... I dare you to do galaxy tribal. ;)

    1. Thanks so much!!💕😊 I was just getting ready to sit down and do some nails and have no idea what I am doing!! Humm, tribal sounds fun!!!😏


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