Pink, plus Black and White Floral

Hello! Hope you are having a lovely day, for some reason I keep thinking it's Tuesday, but it's not! Any way, so today I have a different floral. I'm not really sure how I feel about them.

So for this look I used Takko Lacquer BabyCakes. One coat, and I love this color. It's one that was released earlier this year. :) This floral look was slightly inspired by one of my favorites, Wondrously Polished. Mine came out nothing like hers though! :( For the details I just used acrylic paint and my usual brush.

It's a bit different, but still fun I guess! I love this polish. 

On a different note I want to just mention the whole Mentality polish situation. It's so sad too see happening and sad to see how they are dealing with things. All of that being said I also hate to think that other indie brands are going to be affected by this as well. I haven't used many indie brands, Takko Lacquer, was my first one, and one of my favorites for sure. Honestly it's quality is better than some of the "mainstream" brands that I use. So I just really hate to think that this incident with Mentality will hurt other brands like Takko. As a blogger who reviews and swatches for indie brands from time to time, I just want you all to know if I were to ever review something and have a bad experience with it I would tell you. I am always completely 100% honest in every review that I write, and want to tell you how the product truly is. I know this isn't really related to this blog post but I used Takko Lacquer in it and I really just love Takko so I would hate for people to be hesitant when ordering. My best advice for anyone wanting to order an indie brand is... Check out their website, look at the ingredients, check their different social media accounts. Also check Instagram, see what other people are saying, and ask questions! :) it won't hurt, and hopefully you will then feel confident in what you decide to do.

Ok moving on now! :) Sorry about that, I just wanted to get that out there, I love indie brands and support them so it's sad that they are going to get a bad rap to an extent from all of this! Just remember not all brands are the same. The ones I have worked with are super nice! :)

One final picture for today's post!:) So what do you all think of these? I'm still not really sure about them! Well I hope you all enjoyed this post, now off to work on something else new!

Happy Painting!

~25 Sweetpeas 


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