Simple Classy look with a Twist

Hello, so sorry about my little break! It was not intended what so ever! My place in which I do everything, paint, film, and write, was way too hot due to AC not working. On top of that I had to move all of my polish to a different room in order for it to stay the way it's supposed to be! Good news is that it got to go back this morning, and I shall be able to get back in routine tonight! However I did do a really simple look last night in my 83° room! Haha, I guess you could say I was desperate to paint! :)

Recently on Instagram I had a active follower of mine request a simple look that could be worn but not scream I'm wearing nail polish. One thing I don't really ever think about is that some people may not be allowed to wear polish to work, or school, or it may be restricted to certain colors. So I decided to do a quick tutorial for a French mani with a silver pinstripe. That way, it's a clean and subtle look, yet wearing it you still feel like you have some thing special on. :) So let's take a look now!

For this look I used my normal Seche Vite Base coat, then one coat of Zoyas Pink Perfector from the Naked Kit, and then I wanted a bright white so I used my favorite white. :) Then for the Pin Stripe I used silver acrylic paint! 

Now check out the tutorial here...

Well I hope you all enjoyed this mani/look! Its a nice clean look in my opinion! :)
Happy Painting!
~25 Sweetpeas


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