Day 11: Polka Dots #31DC2015

Yay, I am on day 11 now and still going pretty strong. Although I feel kind of bad about today. So as you know I really loved yesterday's gradation. Well I actually held back yesterday, because I didn't just do a simple gradation. I added art on top. I wasn't thinking ahead when I did the art, and I kind of dos today's theme on the same night I did the gradation. That being said... I had polka dots for my gradation day, and when I sat down to do polka dots I had no polka dot ideas, and I didn't want to take off my polka dot gradation! : - /  Maybe once you see them you will understand why I couldn't take it off after only 24 hours.

These are so cool to me! First off I feel like the dots actually look like dots! ;D PLUS I loved that they fade into the green. I know I'm silly! ;P These are my favorite nails this week for sure!!! For all of the colors I used check out yesterdays post!

So what do you all think?! If you think about it it's like actually like a double gradation thingy?! I don't think I even know what I am saying anymore! Lol!!! I'm just so happy they turned out how I wanted them too! Well that's all for now, hope you have a lovely Friday!

Happy Painting!

~25 Sweetpeas 


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