Day 17: Glitter #31DC2015

Hello, ok so where did this week go? Like really I feel like all of the sudden it's just gone! Oh well, we are getting into some interesting themes. The harder themes are coming up so I really hope I can keep it up! I'm still amazed I am on schedule. That's truly amazing! Ok so on to glitter nails!

I love glitter, I really do. Most glitter is just a pain to get off so instead of doing some major glitter overloaded mani I went with some glitters I know are easy to remove. I mean when I have the next theme to do you have to keep these things in mind! ;) 

Now for this mani all of my photos are a bit wonky. I absolutely love the glitters I used here and the one that appears green is actually also purple with a hint of holo so I try my best to capture that in the photos as well but it's a bit difficult!

Hence this funky one! ;D The lovely green to purple shifting polish is Takko Lacquer Wooster St. Layered on Zoya Willa. It's such a fun glitter! I have had it on my other hand for about a week now just because I hadn't used in it awhile. :) It's a super fun polish!

The silver is my favorite silver glitter which is SpaRitual Charleston. It's just a perfect glitter! Not hard to remove and gorgeous on. I feel like it's a must have for any glitter liker!

The X styled design is 100% freehanded. I know there are some vinyls out now that do it but I don't have them so this is free handed. Obviously so in my mind since it's not perfect and it's a bit off center. I wish I had filmed a tutorial but lines are a scary thing to film so I will tell you a little how I did it! So I started with a white base and then made an X on my nail from corner to corner with black acrylic paint. Then in the V's of the X I made black triangles. After that I filled in the white with the silver glitter polish. To do this I used a dotter. Then on the Black I used the same method but put Wooster St on the black. Then I wait for it to dry and then added my favorite top coat. Pretty simple and gives a great accent nail!:)

Well I hope you all enjoyed this blog post! Be sure to let me know what you all thought of this look below!

Happy Painting!

~25 Sweetpeas 


  1. I just started following you because I read a post by cuti-clue-less featuring you as artist of the month. I came over to check you out and your work is fantastic. Truly deserving of artist of the month. Congrats, and I love your 31 day challenge nail art. great job.

    1. Aww, thank you so much and I am so glad you are enjoying this challenge! Its for sure getting me to try some new things which is great! :)

      Really? I had no idea about any such feature! I went and looked but I didn't find anything! If you could copy and past the link to me that would be great! I would love to thank her!! :)

      Thanks again for visiting me! :) Loved seeing your comment!

      ~25 Sweeetpeas


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