Day 18: Half Moons #31DC2015

Hello there everyone! Happy Friday/ happy only hours until the weekend! ;) today's theme is half moons! I've only ever done one half moon mani and it was a floral so I tried to do a more traditional half moon yet still change it up! 

For this look I used one coat of Formula X Platnium Prime as my silver base. Then I used white paint to make some guidelines for the half moon part since I did it all free handed. Then I used Zoya Cecilia and cleaned up the joining colors with some black dots. A simple yet classy look in my opinion.

Honestly I'm really not that happy with these. I am hoping the grow on me because I'm not a fan. I have written a blog post for Cecilia before but I have since found out I am not crazy about this polish. I however decided to give it another try here but here it bubbles. The top coat did pretty well on hiding it. But between that and knowing it stains I'm starting to think I'm just done trying with it. I love this color and this is the only Zoya I have ever had issues with. Really sad actually! 

Now with all of that being said what do you all think?! Would you wear this look!? I would try it other color combos, what about you, what colors would you use? Well I hope you all enjoyed today's post!

Happy Painting!

~25 Sweetpeas 


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