Day 21: Color #31DC2015

Hello! Wow just realized this now means I have done 21 nails this month! :O That is crazy, and we still have this week and about half of next week! Wow!! I think I have impressed my self that I have lasted this long! ;D Today's theme is just color and I decided to go super simple since the rest of the week is pretty far from simple! ;)

I picked out one of my old polishes that I used to love using, and that I barely use any more and swatched it to see if it was still any good! Turns out it is! I love this corally pink! It is Wet n' Wild Dreamy Poppy. 2 simple easy coats and it's really just perfect! 

I was really surprised how good it still was! I got this polish the summer of 2012!! Weird I remember, but I have a weird memory when it comes to something! Plus I got it to match a shirt that k wore to a concert thy summer! :) Ahh, love memories of concerts! 

So since this post is a bit short I've decided to ad in a few other swatches. Last week I took some pics of polishes pre art and I did take pics so I will share them now! :)

This is 2 coats of China Glaze Call of the Wild. It's a really great brown! I've had this polish for awhile and had forgotten about it until last week when I pulled it out for that super fun floral. Those are my favorite nails I have done in this challenge by far!

Now my swatch photo of Essie's No More Film. You know those purple nails from last week?! Ya this is the base! It's funny how in this pic it appears as if it is a navy blue! It really isn't I promise! :) This is  my favorite Essie by far when it comes to formula! I have found most Essie's to be a bit runny but this one is perfect!

Lastly for this post here is the base of my geometric nails from last week. This is Zoya Channing. A great fall color! Perfect for orange/rust color lovers! It's a few years old now, I forget how many years ago. I'm thinking maybe 2013. It was in their fall line but I still see it out in stores now so... ;)

Well hope you all enjoyed this "color" post! Now off to work on "Song" nails. I have a feeling I may stretch this next theme a bit! ;)

Happy Painting!

~25 Sweetpeas 


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