Day 20: Watermarble #31DC2015

Hey there!! Today's theme is probably the most daunting nail art to do and the most unpredictable art to do. Your really never know what you will get with a Water Marble, and every time you do a water marble it's different. I wish there was some magical way to guarantee a successful Watermarble however.. There isn't! So today's Watermarble actually isn't a complete fail which is amazing since I did them at 1 AM. ;D lol!!

I'm actually really excited with how these turned out!! So let's chat about exactly what I did. I did the Watermarble in tap water, room temperate, in a very tall plastic cup. To do the dragging part of it all I used was a bobby pin end. It worked pretty well! So that made me happy. Also all of the polishes I used for the water marble were the same brand. Which those colors are Urban Outfitters Picnic Peach and Bombay Funk. The glittery nail you may recognize from yesterday's nails! It is Icing Sugar Coated 2 coats. :)

Up close you can see the little flaws but I would expect nothing less with a water marble!! Ha!

This is my favorite Marsala of the season too! I have mentioned it many times now!:) Plus now that this water marble worked pretty well I think I may have to try it again with more UO polishes. They really impressed me!

Well now that this is all done and over with I will have to say I am glad I didn't give up on this daunting theme. I like the way it look! How about you? Any watermarbleing stories you would like to share, or any advice/tips?

Happy Painting!

~25 Sweetpeas 


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