Day 25: Fashion #31DC2015

Hey, wow we are on day 25!!! :) So happy I have made it so far, and hey I love the number 25!! So this is just a good post so far, Hahaha!!! ;) Today's theme is fashion, so as any normal person would do, I went to Pinterest for inspiration! I love Pinterest for ideas! I have so many boards for so many different things. If you want to check out my pins and boards you can click on the P in my buttons over on the side bar here and it will take you to my Pinterest! You may end up seeing new nail ideas I plan on doing before I do them. ;)

I ended up basing my nails off of a dress I saw by Lela Rose. It was from the Spring line this year! I will show a pic here shortly! ;) It was a really pretty dress and made for a great mani! I used Essie's Loophole as my silver. Sinful Colors Snow Me White as my white, and Zoyas Willa for my black.

Here is the dress and my nails! The silver wasn't in the dress besides in the flowers but I still have it a full nail because if I were to wear the dress I would have silver earrings on. :) I love silver jewelry!

All of the details were done with acrylic paint and dotters. It's a super easy look to do! Almost wish I had filmed this one but I honestly didn't even think about it until just now as I am trying this. So it's a bit let now! Sorry about that! I hope to get back into videos soon, but I think I may go back to just IG tutorials. What do you all think? Do you like YouTube or IG better for nail art tutorials? I find myself that I go towards IG more.

Well hope you all have enjoyed this 25th post for September! :) Also happy Friday! Anyone have any fun plans for this weekend?!

Happy Painting!

~25 Sweetpeas 


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