Takko Lacquer Wanderlust

Hey, happy Saturday! So splitting up today's post into 2!! First up I have a swatch to share and then art later! :) I am loving this polish and I am super excited to share pics! Plus today I am just excited in general! Going to. A concert tonight and well I love concerts! Should be a fun night! Now on to a swatch! I recently got a new to me color from Takko Lacquer! This color is actually from one of the very first Takko lines! So I am really excited! 

Meet one coat of Wanderlust ! This color is gorgeous!!! It's so neat, and I am obsessed with it. It has so many different sides to it that it is hard to describe. At first glance in the bottle it appears to be a grey. Then you pick it up and get it closed to your face and you see a real sheen. Next you move it and all the sudden purple appears! So if you are wearing purple it's great and goes, or teal, or grey! It also looks really good with denim! It's just like a super cool go with pretty much anything polish! 

Ahh, I love it! So unique and fun! What do you all think?! Stay tuned for the art later today! :)

Happy Painting!

~25 Sweetpeas 


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