Day 27: Artwork #31DC2015

Hey! Ahh, so today's theme is artwork! While I've been out and about I keep gravitating towards Katy Daisy's art. Her art is just wonderful so I went and looked at a lot of her designs on Pinterest! (I pinned a ton ;) ) I found one that just seemed like it needed to be turned into nails so... That's what I did! :)

I love florals so this seemed perfect! These were super fun go do. For the base of my art I used Zoya Blu, only one coat, and it's perfect! Now however comparing it to the inspiration I wish I had used a more minty color. Now I know that for next time! :) All of the details were done with acrylic paint, and my favorite brush. I am still looking for another good brush maybe a bit smaller but haven't yet decided on one. Advice is welcome! 

Here is a close up! I almost didn't use this picture because one of the flowers has a funny petal, but decided to use it anyway. Imperfections add uniqueness right?! ;D lol!!! 

Up top is the inspiration and then obviously my nails! You can tell now why I now wish I had used a more minty base. I guess the lighting of my screen when I was doing my nails just made the image more blue. Or maybe I just wasn't thinking! Haha! ;D

Well that's all for today's post!! I can't believe this challenge is almost over! I'm so excited, I think I may actually make it to the end! ;) Also I'm super excited because startin October 1st I will be sharing swatches of Takko Lacquers new fall line! You will get one swatch a day up until the release of the new line on October 8th! I'm so excited, they are gorgeous! :) So what do you all think of these nails?! Hope you all have had a lovely weekend!

Happy Painting!

~25 Sweetpeas 


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