Day 28: Flag #31DC2015

Hello! Ok first off where has September gone?! Looked at the calendar this morning and I can't believe it's almost over. Well today's theme is flag. I didn't feel like doing an American Flag. That's what I do for the Fourth of July all the time, so it didn't seem very different. I asked my mum for some ideas and she suggest the Scottish flag. Reason being we may have Scottish ansectors so she thought it would be fun. :)

It's a really simple flag with nice colors so I thought why not! :) I love this blue, it's my favorite bright blue polish. Sadly it's that one I use frequently that has no name. :( Color Club, can this polish please have a name?! I love it!!

The white I used is Urban Outfitters Optic White. The white X was done with acrylic paint.

I topped it with Urban Outfitters Matte Top Coat. Not sure why exactly I decided to mattify it but I did and I kind of like it!

Well that is all for today's post! So what do you all think? Oh and good luck to al of those still in the challenge! We are so close!!

Happy Painting!

~25 Sweetpeas 


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