Day 30: Tutorial #31DC2015 & National Coffee Day

Hello and Happy National Coffee Day! Ok first off let me explain this a bit, so the 31 day challenge takes place in a 30 day month. SOOO... Since that is the way it is I have moved day 30 to 29 because it also works for National Coffee Day! :) Now that I have probably confused you let's look at these tutorial inspired Coffee nails! :)

So for the "tutorial" theme I found a fun tutorial by NailStorming. Now I didn't follow it fully. I just used the idea of the heart in the coffee. :D Ya, I know it didn't really work! However I tried! ;) 

I love coffee so I couldn't let this holiday get by with out having a mani to go along with it! We have a lot of neat coffee places in my area, I love it! For these nails I just went simple, and Starbucks colored! ;) The gold polish I used is Venique Boat Shoe Castaway. The White is Sinful Colors Snow Me White. Lastly the green is Sinful Colors Exotic Green. 

So thoughts on today coffee nails?! That's all for this post! Can't believe I have TWO blog posts up today!! This is CRAZY!! Can't believe tomorrow is the last day of the challenge!:O WOW!! Well talk to you all tomorrow!

Happy Painting!

~25 Sweetpeas 


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