Day 31: Honor Nails You ❤️

Hello, oh my!!! This is the last day of the 31 day challenge!! I can't believe I did it!!!!! This is crazy and super cool!!! I will have to put all of them together and we can pick out our favorites because I mean 31 nails I'm sure I have a favorite! I already think I know! Have to look back first tho! Haha!! Well on to the last nails! Today's theme is Honor nails you ❤️. Pretty much you recreate a mani you have seen that you love. I recreated a recent mani by NailsbyCambria (Instagram)! Now on to mine!

I used Urban Outfitters Babe as my base. The rest was free handed with acrylic paint! Really fun and simple to do! I had fun doing them too! 

I feel that even thought it is noticeable art, it's classy and would be great for a fancy event! Plus it could be done in so many colors! You could even do it like a French manicure and that would be great for a wedding! Ahh, a Lacey French! 

Well that's all for today and this challenge actually! This was so much fun!! I tried some new crazy things which is great!! Tomorrow I will be starting a new series that will go up until October 8th! I will be releaseing pictures/swatches of the new Takko Lacquer fall line, one a day till the release which is the 8th! So I am super excited about that!! Can't wait to hear what you all thought of these!!

Happy Painting!

~25 Sweetpeas 


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