OPI Miami Beet + China Glaze I'm not Lion

Hey there guys! Ok, where is this week going, I mean seriosg how is it already Wednesday?! These weeks are just going by to fast and October is almost gone! This is crazy! :-/ Well today I have some polishes I just haven't used of my mums that I have decided to try! I was lacking in ideas so why not grab some polishes I haven't used! So first up I decided to swatch OPI Miami Beet. What a fun play on words!

This was two super nice coats! It was a bit watery but really it didn't change it that much! Just wasn't used to it but after one nail I knew it was so I was careful! :) It's a lovely fall color! Almost could work as a Marsala! Lol! I love Marsala! I should pull together like 4 different Marsalas and compare them all! What do you think?

I was only going to have one photo of just Miami Beet but I kind of really liked this photo so decided to share it too! This polish dried nice and shiny! This has no top coat yet! Pretty cool in my opinion.

Next up I added China Glaze I'm Not Lion, which is a lovely golden glitter. I tell ya I am not a gold girl when it comes to jewelry but lately I've been loving gold polishes! Really it's weird for me to like this much gold but recently I've just been seeing to many lovely gold polishes and I love it!

I did free hand this so its not perfect by any means but tape an I don't typically get along so I decided I would just try it free handed! :)

I am really loving these 2 polishes together! They are a lovely fall combo in my opinion! ;) Plus I am loving this golden glitter, I think I am going to have to use this one again soon because it is lovely. 

Here you can even see how beautiful it is in the bottle! Well I hope you all enjoyed this post, and these nails. I know I am loving these fall colors. This week I am finally getting to wear fall like clothing so I am pretty excited about that. ;)

Happy Painting!

~25 Sweetpeas 


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