Candy Corn Tribal

Hello! So far this month I have pretty much kept Thursday's as the only day I do a Halloween mani, but today I am going to break that! As I've mentioned before I'm not really into Halloween, but I do enjoy seeing festive manis! That all being said today's mani I'd for sure not only Halloween! It could be done in all different colors and be just an everyday look. I however decided to base today's art with a candy corn colored gradation and then added a tribal!

I love a tribal mani and so this is what I did! I really haven't done a tribal in awhile so I thought it was about time to practice again. :)  So details on this mani are pretty simple. I don't actually have yellow polish or orange polish. I have pastel versions but not pure versions of them so here I actually used acrylic paint for the gradation. I love how acrylic paints work for gradations. They go one super easy and they blend so well in my opinion. Plus clean up is pretty easy! I did start it all with a white nail polish base. This time I used Sinful Colors Snow Me White. You have probably noticed I don't always use the same white, but I do tend to alternate between 2 or 3 favorites. Maybe I will make a post on that some time. What do you all think? Would that be something you are interested in?

Then for the glitter I used Finger Paints Santas Magic. It's perfect for glitter gradations. I got it a few years ago because I feel in love with China Glazes Techno that was out only for a limited time and I used it a lot back then so that bottle got low very quick! This polish is pretty much a dupe for it! So if you were a fan of CG Techno this one is perfect for ya! :)

Here is the last picture of these nails with the tribal! I know they aren't perfect by any means but I feel like my lines are getting better! These were 200% free handed! I have found that my index finger nail is flatter there for that one is usually the best. Then my middle finger has more of a curve so it can be tricky! Just a recent observation! :) Anyone else ever notice things like that when doing nails?

Now here is just a look at the candy corn colored gradation! Candy Corn is an odd candy kind of but I do like it! For one it is like a symbol of fall, and secondly it's great with peanuts! My mum will mix candy corn and peanuts in a little bowl and typically just have that out on the counter through out the fall. It's a great salty and sweet snack. :) Anyone else do that? 

Well I hope you all have enjoyed this post! I actually had a lot of fun doing these more detailed nails! They are nerve wrecking but fun! Let me know what you all think. :)

Happy Painting!

~25 Sweetpeas 


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