OPI Starlight Holiday Line 2015 Swatches & Review: By the Light of the Moon

Press Sample

Hey there guys! Today for you I have a swatch of OPI By the Light of the Moon. So let's get right into it!:)

This polish is interesting to say the least. In the bottle it's beautiful, and I was really excited to use it. However on its a bit of a different story. To me this polish almost wants to be a texture polish yet didn't quite make it, and yet still wasn't smooth either. It's kind of on its own. The first thing I thought of how to describe wearing it was this is what Essie's Loophole and Set In Stones would look like when layers. I say that because you get the silver look the whole time, but the glitter is just lost and under the glitter so you are just seeing the shape. Which in my opinion is kind of a bummer because lookin in the bottle the silver glitter was/is lovely. Yet it's not the same on.

The first coat was streaky, I needed 2 coats to get to full coverage and I had to be careful on the edges so the glitter didn't hang off. I really wanted to like this polish but it was kind of a miss in my opinion.

Here I think you can see it in the bottle and how it had potential to be really pretty, but it was just bumpy on. Now I want to here what you all think about this polish? Would you wear it? I could see using it in some winter themed manis but other than that I'm not sure yet.

Happy Painting!

~25 Sweetpeas 


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