OPI Starlight Holiday Line 2015 Swatch & Review : Center of the You-niverse

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Hello there everyone! Today I am excited to start sharing some swatches and reviews of part of the brand new OPI Starlight 2015 Holiday Line. Preen.me has sent me 6 of the line to share with you so I believe it's now time to get started! :)

First off I have to show you the packaging, it was so cute!


It came in a super nice little box that was divided into 6 little spots. The really nice thing about the box is that is is very nice quality and it would be great to store polish in and or to use when transporting polish when traveling. Isn't that just so nice? I love it! :) Ok enough about the lovely packaging, and on to the first swatch!

First up is Center of the You-niverse. This polish is a lovely black polish filled with silver glitters along with random black glitters. Now I say black glitters loosely because the black specks don't really sparkle, so in this case by glitter I am talking about the size and shape! :) They are like little round black dots! They just add something neat to the polish. You don't really see them just looking down at your nails but you see them if you are looking up close. :) So it's a fun little addition. 

This polish has full coverage in 2 coats. The formula was nice and the brush was OPI's signature bigger brush. It's a nice size when getting up close to your cuticle!

It's so pretty on, I could see it being a great base for a galaxy mani for those of you galaxy fans.

On top for a little something fun I decided to do a few phases of the moon! I felt like this polish made a neat starry background.

So over all I really liked this polish! It's a fun version of black and had a nice formula! Can't wait to hear what you all think of this polish. :) Hope you guys enjoyed this post.

Happy Painting!

~25 Sweetpeas 


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