OPI Starlight Holiday Line 2015 Swatches & Review: Cosmo with a Twist

Press Sample

Hey ya'll! So today for you I have the last swatch for you of these 6 polishes. I saved Cosmo with a Twist for last because in the bottle it impressed me the most! Now let's look at the photos!

Having this one on was apt different than what it looked like in the bottle in my opinion. It feels like I am wearing a black with a hint of the purple/blue glitter. Where in the bottle I thought the glitter/shimmer was going to show off a lot more! It's still a lovely polish just not exactly what I was expecting. Also it's a hard one to capture on camera! :D lol!!

Here you can hopefully see more of the pretty part of this polish! The formula on this one was a bit watery but it covered fully in 2 coats, which is great! 

I'm hoping some of these pictures show you the different sides of the polish, because it really is pretty in the right light! However if you aren't a fan of black polish or super super dark purple polishes I would advise away from this polish just due to the fact when you look down on your nails that is what you will feel like you are wearing. 

Overall I did like this polish. Not as much as I had anticipated but I still really like it. What about you guys, would you wear this color?

I have put together a wrap up video with all the swatches and me talking about them! So you can check that out below! Be sure to head over to my YouTube Channel as well and let me know what ya'll think of the video!

Also starting probably by the end of this week I will be taking nail art requests so comment what y'all would like to see! 

Happy Painting!

~25 Sweetpeas 


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