Takko Lacquer Fall 2015 Swatches & Reviews: Filthy Rich

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Hello!! Yay, a new week of nail Art, and more swatches for the new Takko Line!! So so so exciting!! Let's get started with today's color which is called Filthy Rich

Filthy Rich - Black with Golden flakies

This polish is a super dark vampy black with gold flakies. It's so neat. It's a jelly based black so you do need more than one coat but 2 is full coverage which is great for a jelly! Only bad this about this polish is that it's super hard to photograph. I mean you can barely see the flakies here but there are a ton I promise!! They are so evenly distributed too which is amazing!!!

Here you can see them a little bit more but still! Also it's been cloudy so I don't know if sun light would help, it may for photos but it's been very very gloomy. 

This polish does look really neat mattified! Amy from McPolish has swatched it and topped it with a matte and it looked amazing!

So for the "art" for this swatch I kind of just made up my own Damask. It's not up to my picky standards tho. I wish I could be more consistent on each nail but hey I guess our nails aren't consistent in shapes/curves so we can only just go with it! ;)

Ya, you really can't see the flakies anymore after the art. Now I am wishing I had done some different type of art!

Overall I really liked this polish, my only complaint is that I can't photograph it and well that's no ones fault so!! ;) So what do you all think? Would you wear this for your fall season?
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The release of this polish is October 8th at 8 pm EST. Along with it Sheryl will also be restocking Constellations from the summer line. As of right now this release/restock is USA only but there is a release/restock coming soon. For all details on that be sure to check her RESTOCK page. She is great about keep it all up to date. :)

Happy Painting!

~25 Sweetpeas


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