Takko Lacquer Fall 2015 Swatches & Reviews: Coquettish

Press Sample

Hey! Hope you are having a lovely day so far! I am just hoping for some sunshine! It's been so gloomy here! :-/ I miss the sun!! Anyway today for you I am going to introduce you to another new Takko! Meet Coquettish!

Coquettish - a mauve pink with teal shimmer

So the first thing I wrote in my notes about this polish was in all capital letters and it said "LOVELY formula" so as I think you can tell from that I really loved the formula! ;) It went on so perfectly and smoothly. I did 2 coats but honestly the only reason I did 2 was because my white tip of my nail was peeking through. So depending on how thick your white line is or how bold it is you may just need one coat! 

This color is lovely too! It's a bit of a mauve color but with a hint more pink I would say! I love the real shimmer, it's unexpected but works perfectly. :)

Here you can see the real shimmer pretty well! Isn't it just really neat!?

I had a terrible time coming up with a theme for the art. I didn't want to over power the uniqueness, or used the wrong color on top so I had my mum help me! She thought grapes would be neat and so that's what I tried!! (It's great having a mind to help when you have nail art block;) ) 

I'm not really sure I am all that crazy about them but I do like the placement of it in the cuticle area. I feel like there is just something classy about having art in the cuticle zone! :) Ok, maybe I do like them! Ha, the more I look at them the better I like! Hummmm... What do you all think?

Overall for this polish I was/am super happy with the formula and uniqueness! For sure a great fall color and I could even see this color carrying over into spring! 

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The release of this polish is October 8th at 8 pm EST. Along with it Sheryl will also be restocking Constellations from the summer line. As of right now this release/restock is USA only but there is a release/restock coming soon. For all details on that be sure to check her RESTOCK page. She is great about keep it all up to date. :)

Happy Painting!

~25 Sweetpeas


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