#ThemedThursdayOct : Blood + Gore

Hey ya'll! So it's time for me to again branch out for the #themedthurdsayoct challenge. Today's theme is actually blood + gore, which out of all the themes is SOO not me! I know I think I said this last week but this week it's a hundred percent. I mean I pretty much did these, took the pictures and removed. Ok not pretty much, that's what I did! I have been wanting to try a drip look, but probably would of preferred to do it so in the melting ice cream way! ;) However I didn't want to give up on the challenge just because of one mani. The me a year ago probably just would of quit but I'm glad I'm not! :) Finishing a challenge is the best! 

I really dislike these! Like I literally only took this picture too! Not a fan but it covers the theme and it works so I didn't just give up! I could of done a splatter mani but I honestly knew I didn't want to clean that up, and I knew I wasn't going to keep them on but minutes! I did make a tutorial and that is right here....

Well I hope you all like these much more than I do, but if not then hey I'm not alone!! ;) Back to better nails tomorrow! (I hope!)

Happy Painting!

~25 Sweetpeas 


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