Halloween Colored Polka Dots

Good morning lovelies! Hope your morning is going well so far, and happy Friday!! This week just flew by! Seriously where has time gone? I feel like I haven't had much nail art up here this week yet something new has gone up everyday, Hummm! Maybe I need to do more. ;) Haha!! So today's mani is a bit of mash up, I personally love manis in this "layout" and I'm sure you have all noticed. It's just fun!

I was on Instagram the other day and saw this lovely combination of colors for a festive Halloween polka dot mani. I was it first by PolishedandBeyond who informed me that her combo was inspired by PackaPunchNails. I really just loved this color combo because it is not something I would of come up with out seeing someone else do it. I'm not sure, why I wouldn't but I just never would of thought of it. Yet these colors work great together!

For this look I use Color Club Disco Dress as my purple, China Glaze I'm not Lion as the gold, and Zoya Willa as my black. The green and the orange are acrylic paints. This look was super simple to do. Also if you are wondering I used the biggest dotter I have for these dots. 

For a "Halloween" mani this isn't that bad! I can do something like this and be happy! How about you? Do you all like Halloween nails? Personally I am super duper excited for Christmas manis! However I do have a few more Halloween looks coming for you!

Well I hope you all like these and have enjoyed this post! I know it was slightly short yet there are a lot more photos than yesterday! Lol!! So glad those are done, and I'm not a quitter! ;)

Happy Painting!

~25 Sweetpeas 


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