Woodland Animals: Owls + Bestie Twin Mani!

Hey there everyone!! So I am super excited about today's nails!! Not only are they another woodland animal but these were done as bestie twin nails with the wonderfully talented  Anas_manis via Instagram! Her nails are always fabulous! So if you aren't already following her you must go check her out HERE. Now it's on to our nails!

An owl on a tree!! We searched for ideas and ended up mixing many different things and this is what we got, and I really love them! They are so different from anything I have done, and I love Owls yet haven't been brave enough to try one until this mani! So that's exciting!!

So pretty much this whole mani was acrylic paint. I used a white nail polish base but then mixed my own colors for the background so I could get what I wanted and did some with acrylic paint. There is a tutorial that will be later on in the post so you will have to check that out! 

Super weird pose in this photo but it's how the branches wouldn connect if it were all one painting! ;) I am really surprised by how easy these nails were compared to what I was thinking!

The owl of course is my favorite part of the whole look!! Ok now I have to show you Anas! Hers are AMAZING!!

I really like her colors better! Mine appear way brighter in the picture than they do in person. So they are a bit closer to hers in person. Yet I still love her color combo for the gradation! It's so so 

Be sure to check out Ana at all of the following places! :)


Ok now time for the tutorial! So there are some mess ups at the end so if you read the description of the video it will clear it all up, and give you all the things I used as well!!

Well I really hope you enjoyed this post as much as I have! These nails were so much fun, I loved getting to work with Anas_manis, plus filming was fun and these these nails are just too cute!! Can't wait to hear/see what you all think!

Happy Painting!

~25 Sweetpeas 


  1. I loved them so much!! Thank you so much for doing these with me!


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