#ThemedThursdayOct : Monsters

It's that time of week where I go out of my zone and do a Halloween mani! Today's theme is monsters and I was originally just going to do Frankenstein but I have done him in years past. So my mum helped my brainstorm and she suggested Mrs. Dracula and I thought hey why not! So glad I have a person I can Brianstorm with, thank you mum!! Now let's take a look at Mrs. Dracula!

I'm not particularly a fan of these. They are just eh in my book. I mean I guess not every mani can be WOW, but this just feels like something is missing. Not sure what really but oh well!

My favorite part of her would be the lips! I am terrible at lips and eyes when I draw on paper and for a first ever I actually liked the lips! I know that sounds super weird! Especially if you are just scanning this post and that is all you read! :D lol!! Too weird and funny all at once!

I kind of like the bats tho! They weren't really in my original plans and they didn't turn out wonderfully but they are fun! So the purple polish is Babe by Urban Outfitters. The black is Zoya Willa. Then as my top coat I used Urban Outfitter Matte Top Coat! I like how the matte coat makes the black look leather like! That's kind of fun! Now how about a tutorial?!

Well I hope you all enjoyed today nails! I can't wait to hear what you all think of these! Also be sure to like and Subscribe to my YouTube Channel! The tutorials usually go up there before even this post! Plus it's the full length tutorial!!

Happy Painting!

~25 Sweetpeas 


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