Friday Tribal!

Happy Friday! So since it is Friday I will keep today post pretty short! Well and these nails only have two pictures because I did them away from all of my polish things and away from my lighting set up so pics a kind oddly colored. However I really liked the nails so I have to share!

The lighting seems so cold, I feel like my hands look like they are freezing! : -P lol!! I so LOVED doing these! A good detailed mani is so so much fun. I know they are also the most nerve wrecking kind at the same time. Yet I love them so so much!! For this look I used Urban Outfitters Bombay Funk and Optic White. Then the glitter, my fave, SpaRitual Charleston. Then all of the details were done with acrylic paint!

That's it! I said it was going to be short! ;) I hope you all enjoyed these, I apologize the frozen finger look too! Will be back to normal tomorrow! Actually tomorrow is a big post! Swatch, holiday art and a full YouTube Tutorial! How exciting!! ;)

Happy Weekend!

~25 Sweetpeas 


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