Glittering Polka Dots

Hey ya'll! Happy Friday, hope you have had a good week! Today for you I have a fun glimmering look, that I really love! Plus a swatch which is always fun, so what shall we start with? Hummm, I feel like the swatch should come first but I don't think I can wait on these lovely dots!

Look at this glitter, isn't it just lovely!! I am loving it! Thank you to much for letting me use her new polishes! You do know I love to try new polishes! So glad you understand my obsession. ;) 

This beautiful glitter is called After Hoursand is by Urban Outfitters. I tell ya, I really do love their polish! They are really nice and just look at this glitter, it's stunning, plus it was a breeze to remove which is always good to know when using a glitter polish. Not gonna lie, if I know a certain polish will take longer to remove I may shy away from it. Terrible habit I know, glitter removal is just so time consuming, and I'm not a patient person sadly. 

This combination is wonderful too! The color underneath is called Close Your Eyes by Orly. Now was I the only one who started singing Meghan Trainors Closw Your Eyes when reading that?! :D It was a 2 coater and you have to be a bit careful with streakyness. It's a lovely deep red/purple. It's perfect for fall!

I really do love this color! I typically wouldn't go for one like this but, it's quite lovely I would say!

I really like how it looks in this picture! It pulls out all the color in it! So what do y'all think I about this look. Do you like the dots and this color? I love them together.;)

Happy Painting & Happy Weekend!

~25 Sweetpeas 


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