Purple Roses + Tutorial

Hello, hope you are all having a good day. :) Today's post is a bit of a big one! I've got a swatch, art, and a tutorial! So very full. So let's get started with the art.

Simple yet pretty! This look is super easy, and looks nice on I think. I used an Orly called Plum Sugar that my mum picked up the other day. It was on clearance for $1 something at one of our Ultas. Don't remember which one! 

It was a 2 coater but had a nice formula. Which made it nice and easy to work with. I am thinking it maybe similar in color to Essie's No More Film but I haven't compared them side by side yet. That may just have to be something I do soon!:)

It's a nice color for sure. This month is Pancreatic Cancer Awareness month and this polish would be perfect to wear in support of that. I only just learned this that is this month, so I hope to do a mani with the ribbon on it to be specifically for it. Yet this one can slightly be considered in support too due to its color! :)

Now time for the tutorial! I am working on possibly doing more on YouTube. My Swatch review video seemed to do really well so I may try and do more similar ones if you are interested! :) Anyway... Here is the tutorial for this look...

Well I hope you all enjoyed this post, and are having a wonderful day! Let me know what you thought about these and what you would like to see next!

Happy Painting!

~25 Sweetpeas 


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