Londontown Lakur Swatch & Review: Stargazing Royalty + Murray Me

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Hello there everyone! Hope you all had a successful Black Friday! I ended up gett a few nail polishes at Urban Outfitters because they had some new ones out and the sale was way to good to pass up! :) Today for you I have 2 more swatches for Londontown Lakur so let's get started! :)

This is 2 coats of Stargazing Royalty which is a lovely black tinted glitter. With one coat this polish is a translucent grey with a few sparkles and with two coats you get what is above which I think is really pretty! I could also see this done with a black creme base just and one coat of this polish, but the glitter won't be as intense, however it will still be stunning! It is what I would consider a thicker polish and I did notice it did seem to pull to the edges but I think it I had done extremely thin coats probably 3 then it probably wouldn't of pooled.

It's really a lovely color! I see this as a great accent nail polish for sure! Some a little bit different to make things a bit different.

Here we have 2 coats of Murray Me. This color is a nice creamy color and looking at it in person on my nails I feel like there is a hint of pink. When first applying it I was a bit nervous because it seemed really thick and seemed to be above the nail instead of on the nail. I know that may sound weird but you know when you look at your nail from the side and see the polish above your nails that is what I mean. Which I wasn't really liking. After 2 coats it was like that but I decided  to give it time before I wrote this review, and I am glad I did because after I let it set and dry and add top coat on it seemed to go down or at least become how I would expect.

Also I used their Kur top coat. It gives a very nice gel like top coat look. I wore it all of yesterday as well and it doesn't seem to have any shrinkage, yet it does seem to get scuffs like you would on something super shiny. Which is kind of funny.

Over all I really ended up liking both of these Murray Me is one you have to patient with but if you have patients it's a color worth it because it is a really nice creamy base. If you are interested in checking these polishes you can HERE. Plus this weekend until Monday they are 30% off when using CYBER30. Plus there is a location finder where you can see if it is sold in stores near you! :)

Happy Painting!

~25 Sweetpeas 


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