Simple and Quick Nails for a Night Out!

Hey ya'll! Hope you are having a nice weekend! Today's post is super simple, yet it's the perfect look! I don't know about you but when I know I am going out for a special event I obviously want my nails to look nice. Sometimes I want to have a special polish on so I can think about that polish and be like oh I wore that polish when, or I will want a certain polish that will match my outfit, and or art. In this case last night I just wanted a super pretty polish. I had considered art but I wasn't feeling it, I had to many things on my mind such as what to wear, and other things that go through your head pre concert so I just used ILNP Hush(H). Which is probably one of the coolest polishes ever, the slightest bit a movement and it's like a complete other color! I love it so much! Ok now enough blabbing and on to the color!! ;)

Beautiful right? This is 2 coats of Hush(H) and wow! It's stunning! It's got amazing sparkles so being at a concert with sparkly nails is always good! This color goes with so much too! Now remember all of these pics in this post are the SAME  polish although I'm not sure I would believe me just because they look so different. It's really outstanding what this polish can do.

I mean look, all of the sudden there is blue, and purple. It came out of nowhere really. Currently while typing this my nails look green with a hint of purple. It's a fascinating polish to watch and to get distracted by. ;)

Here you get a bit of an emerald green look and a dark black grey like color as well. Which mean it will just go even more. I wore it with black leggings, feathers b&w scarf and a Marsala shirt, which brings out the purple/pink in the polish. 

I seriously can't get over it!! So distracting and lovely! I have a thing for distracting polish! Lol!! Anyone else? I just ordered some new ILNP on Friday and I can't wait for them to arrive! They all have finishes like Clockwork and I think y'all know I love my Clockwork! ;) Not gonna lie I almost wore it for last night. 

Happy Painting!

~25 Sweetpeas 


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