The One and Only Clockwork by ILNP

Good morning lovelies!! Ahh, so today I have a new look featuring ILNP Clockwork. Ok first off when you all know there is going to be a possibly important day and you want to remember everything about it have you ever picked out a certain polish to wear that day because that is the one you want to look at and think back to that certain day? Please say I'm not the only one who has done that?! ;) Well if I am y'all should try it! I promise it will make that polish so much more special. You will see it out on your desk our counter and be like "Oh I remember when I wore that to blah blah and blah blah" and then you will get all smiley thinkin back to that time and it could just make your day!! LOL!! I know to some of you may think I'm crazy now but, with Clockwork I have that. I see it and think oh I wore that on the day blah blah. Haha, people who are around me probably hate it but I love it! Certain days just need to be remembered in certain out of the ordinary ways right? I also remember my full outfit so... :-) Ahh, that day was great! Ok moving on from that little fun.... Almost monologue like paragraph! ;)

As y'all can guess today's post is about ILNP Clockwork! I LOVE THIS POLISH! It's so fun to wear! It's probably my favorite ILNP and I mean it's finish is just so so cool!! You get a metal look and then all the sudden it's holo central out in the sun light, and you get sooooo distracted. I love it!

Just look I mean it's beautiful! Plus it's more bronze than it is gold so I have nothing else like this! It's a one of a kind in my stash for sure!! I am so so so excited for ILNP holiday line, there are more polishes with this finish, and I pretty much want them all! I know that won't happen but I will have to grab a few!! It's going to be hard to decide!

Really this isn't a polish that needs art but I wanted something fun! So I did Zoya Willa and then did dots of Clockwork on top! It looked really pretty in my opinion! Oh AND I did this on both hands! They actually matched!! I am working on trying to do both hands with designs. A lot of the times it is pointless just due to the fact I change then with in 24 hours most often. So I will do my left hand everyday but my other hand gets done like 1 to 2 times a week. It always lasts so long and looks nice so....

Wow, this post is picture heavy! Realistically there could be less but this polish is just to pretty to do any less! Am I right? If y'all wanna see the original swatch post of this polish you can check it out here.

Oh! On Instagram today I will have a video of this polish in motion so y'all can see it in action too! Well I hope you all enjoyed this post as much as I did!! This one was super fun, as were the nails to wear! Let me know your thoughts, oh and do you ever put a polish to a memory?! Haha!!

Happy Painting!

~25 Sweetpeas 


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