Zoya Giovanna Swatch & Review

Hey ya'll!! Today's nails were inspired by a favorite of mine, Ruth's Nail Art, via Instagram! Her nails are always so so perfect! Recently she did a super fun one with the moon and a silhouette of a cat in a tree. Something about it just gave me that I have to recreate it feeling! Plus I wanted to swatch this older color since it had been awhile and it was good for the background so perfect timing! So let's check it out!

These are not nearly as good as hers but I still like them! They were super fun to do! Plus I liked actually bein able to do art on a color like this. Typically I have issues doing art on such gorgeous colors! ;) This polish is a Zoya named Giovanna. I think it's from the fall line of 2013. I may be off a year, but I think that is it.

It's a lovely almost emerald color. It only needs 2 coats and it kind of looks like a polish you would have to contend with streaking issues. But I didn't have any!

I really like this color! What about y'all?

Now one last picture for today! :) These were a lot of fun to do! I used all acrylic paints for the details, and my favorite 10/0 brush! I'm still looking for an even smaller brush, so any suggestions are welcome! Also let me know what y'all think of these?! Hope you have a wonderful Sunday, and a great week! Talk to y'all soon!

Happy Painting!

~25 Sweetpeas 


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